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We have over 20 years of rich experience in the field of Translation Services, Transcription Services, Dubbing Services, Subtitling Services, Voice Over Services and more.

Services We Provide

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Translation Services:

At Indic Translation Services, we provide highest quality translation services second to none. We work with qualified native linguists so that the integrity of your content remains intact.

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Transcription Services:

Our skilled staff at Indic Translation Services can convert your audio files into accurate and error-free transcripts that are easy to read.

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Dubbing Services:

We see dubbing service as an opportunity to create from one original to new original. Our adapted script reads and feels like it was written in the target language.

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Voice Over Services:

We have a huge pool of talented Voice Over artists for you to choose from. For all our voice over services we have well equipped recording studios.

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Subtitling Services:

Give us any movies, TV series or any other video recording, we at Indic Translation Services will subtitle it. We deal with all the file formats of videos out there.

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App Localization Services:

At Indic Translation Services we are focused on getting your App in front of the largest group of people we can. Nowadays, 90% of mobile device activity occurs within apps, as opposed to browser.

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Software Localization Services:

The software localization process is not merely hiring someone to change the words of your software into other languages, it requires overcoming multiple challenges of culture appropriate technical and functional requirements.

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Website Localization Services:

Website localization has become a fundamental requirement in this era of globalization. Localization increases User Engagement and improves User Experience. Although a necessity Localization of a website can become an arduous process.

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Why Indic Translation Services?

Accurate Translation Service
Confidentiality of Your Content
Creative Adaptation of Content
Exceptional Quality Assurance
Expert Translators
Fast Turnaround Time
File Format Compatibility
Flexible Pricing Option

Our Esteemed Clients

We have a local as well as globally satisfied clientele. Our highly trained team maintains the global code of standards to deliver accurate and reliable translation services.

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Our Mission

Being a catalyst for integral growth of all employees, clients and vendors.

Our Vision

Provide highest quality services within given deadlines for all projects.