We see dubbing as an opportunity to create from one original to new original. We take care of protecting the confidentiality of our client's content.

Dubbing Services:

Dubbing is a creative process that includes creative adaptation of script. We at Indic Translation Services make sure this troublesome process undergoes seamlessly. We see dubbing service as an opportunity to create from one original to new original. Our adapted script reads and feels like it was written in the target language. We have a large group of professional dubbing artists for you to choose from.

We understand your needs of voice modulation, tone, age, sex and attitude. We know the amount of efforts that go into creating the original video and hence we make sure our dubbing services justify those efforts. The dubbing services we provide are professionally recorded at a recording studio to give the best quality. We feel proud to be asked to provide Dubbing Services for big or small projects. We take special care of protecting the confidentiality of our client's content. Contact Now for a free quote today!

Indic Translation Services offers dubbing services for:

Dubbing Service - Work Process

We follow a transparent work flow to make sure you get the best quality dubbing services. Our project manager after receiving the source script and source video assigns linguist for creative adaptation in required languages. We then send the script for feedback and editing to client. After the approval of adapted script, project manager sends a list of talented dubbing artists to the client. We have a large pool of professional and talented dubbing artists for the client to choose from. The client selects voices as per the requirement of tone, sex, age and modulation.

After selection of script and dubbing artists, voices are recorded with professional direction. Video is then edited and mixed with M&E and dubbed audio track. International dubbing standards are followed during the entire process to maintain highest quality. The files are submitted to the client in required format. Following our smooth procedure gives you the fastest turnaround, superior sound quality and lowest prices.

Benefits of Working With Us

Accurate Translation Service
Confidentiality of Your Content
Creative Adaptation of Content
Exceptional Quality Assurance
Expert Translators
Fast Turnaround Time
File Format Compatibility
Flexible Pricing Option

Our Esteemed Clients

We have a local as well as globally satisfied clientele. Our highly trained team maintains the global code of standards to deliver accurate and reliable translation services.

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