20+ Years of Experience

At Indic Translation Services, we provide highest quality translation service second to none. We work with qualified and professional native linguists in India. We have over 20 years of rich experience in the field of Translation Services.

About Us

At Indic Translation Services, we provide highest quality translation services second to none. We work with qualified native linguists so that the integrity of your content remains intact. All our native linguists have a rich experience of over 5 years. Our linguists have the latest CAT tools at their fingertips to resolve all your complex translations.

Indic Translation Services is a professional service provider of translation, Transcription, Subtitling, Voice Over and many more services in Mumbai, India. We provide multiple services to individuals and to companies pan India. As a professional translation company in Mumbai with over 200 happy clients globally, Indic Translation Services offers specialized translation, editing and proofreading services to a number of industries.

We have rich experience in several fields and specialized in medical, IT, telecom, technical, legal, entertainment and corporate sectors.

We take this opportunity to introduce our company, Indic Translation Services, as Mumbai based fast growing translation agency, specializing in all major Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Assamese, Odia, Nepali and many more other Indian languages.

We provide the most efficient, and affordable translation services in Mumbai, India. We are committed to high quality, timely submissions, professional project management and faster communication with clients and linguists, which has helped us retain all of our clients and offer us continuous business.

Mission Of our Indic Translation Services company is to "Being a catalyst for integral growth of all employees, clients and vendors." and our vision is to "Provide highest quality services within given deadlines for all projects."

Indic Translation Services is specialized in all the major Indian languages translation such as Hindi translation, Gujarati translation, Marathi translation, Punjabi translation, Bengali translation, Urdu translation, Tamil translation, Telugu translation, Malayalam translation, Kannada translation, Assamese translation, Odia translation, Nepali translation, Sanskrit translation and many moreā€¦

Industries We Cover!

Every industry is unique and different. Thus, besides a perfect understanding of language, industry document translation services require industry-specific knowledge, jargon, and context. Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides translations that are grammatically correct and consistent with industry standards. Our team consists of linguists who have relevant expertise and background to ensure your project's success among your local customers. Our industry-specific translation services span among the following industries:

1. Medical Translations Services:

Medical documents contain serious and sensitive information about patients, medicines, and devices. Therefore, we put the utmost emphasis on the quality and effectiveness of our translated output. Our expert translators have hands-on experience in translating various documents in the medical industry.

2. Information Technology Translations Services:

Expansion of the IT industry is tremendous in the past few decades. In fact on a global level, IT is the most demanded industry for translation services. Owning to our defined work process and experienced team, we provide all type translation for the IT industry with guaranteed high-quality, timely delivery, and 100% client satisfaction.

3. Telecom Translations services:

Today everyone in the world relies on telecommunication whether to stay connected or to run a business. As a telecom service provider, it becomes necessary for you to provide comfort to your users by providing information in their regional language. We provide translations that are easy to understand by all, which help you to gain their trust and reduce future costs to correct misunderstandings.

4. Technical / Engineering Translations services:

As a technical translation services agency, we strive to provide professional translation for technical content that compiles with standard industry standards. We understand that low-quality translations can cause downtimes and loss of money. Therefore, we make sure that our translated technical papers are properly translated, proof-read, and edited for defect-free service delivery.

5. Entertainment Translations services:

Globalisation has brought an array of opportunities for the business in the media and entertainment. For entertainment business, we provide creative adaptation services, localization services, video subtitling services, voice-over services and dubbing services for all major Indian, Asian and European languages to help you create and market content to the world audience in their own local language.

6. Corporate Communication Translations services:

Corporate enterprises require translation services to maintain global brand visibility. We provide quality translation services within a shorter period of time to assure uninterrupted global communication for your brand.

7. Media Translations services:

We are a trusted partner of many media companies and publication houses around the world. With our expert media translation services, we ensure to provide error-free, easy-to-understand, and engaging translation in any language.

8. Government Document Translations services:

We provide translation services for government agencies, charities, and NGOs around the world. Our linguists have experience and expertise in translating various government documents such as reports, bids, tenders, procurements, online and print communication, election related content etc.

9. Education Translations services:

Education is important for the growth of any organization. Therefore, it is dispensed not only by schools and colleges but also used by organizations as a training and development tool. We have a team of professionals who have subject expertise in education translation, which ensures that every translation is tailored according to the cultural context of the targeted audience.

10. Gaming Translations services:

The online gaming industry is booming. In order to explore new markets, it is essential for you to connect with your local audience while staying true to industry jargon and terminologies. We provide easy to understand translations with our gaming localization services that ensure a fun and engaging gaming experience to your target audience.

11. Marketing Translations services:

We understand you want to stand out with your marketing and advertising material. We provide marketing translation services that help you perfectly resonate with your local audience. From initial planning to copy-writing and ready-to-publish ads, you can trust our linguists to convert them into engaging and culturally accurate content right the first time around.

We take up the translation, back translation, editing, proofreading, linguistic reviews, cognition debriefing reviews, cultural consulting, QM, reconciliation, Voice Over, Subtitling and audio transcription assignments.

Benefits of Working With Us

Accurate Translation Service
Confidentiality of Your Content
Creative Adaptation of Content
Exceptional Quality Assurance
Expert Translators
Fast Turnaround Time
File Format Compatibility
Flexible Pricing Option

Our Esteemed Clients

We have a local as well as globally satisfied clientele. Our highly trained team maintains the global code of standards to deliver accurate and reliable translation services.

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